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Jig Workshops

Whole day Workshops are run twice a year; in November and March.

The focus of the November workshop is on beginners to the Cotswold Style – whether to the dance form, the tradition being studied or to Jigs in particular.

The day covers everything to enable you to dance a jig in the focus tradition and as a consequence of that to learn the tradition being presented as well. Time is spent on stepping and the inflection of the tradition to enable you to differentiate it from other styles. All the moves required are taught to enable you to practice on your own and perform the dance.

Some preliminary information is given on presenting the jig.

The March workshop is for progressors and moves through the dances at a faster pace. It is aimed at those familiar with Cotswold or those that have attended a beginner workshop. Methods of doubling the jig can be presented and further methods of presentation to an audience is given. The day often ends with a showcase where participants can perform their dance to the group for feedback.

Here is a link to the Downloads page which has all the notation and music relating to the jigs presented at each of the workshops Click Here simply scroll down the list and download those you would like.

Details of the Next Workshop:

 When: · 20th November 2016 – Back to Basics – Performance of Morris Steps with a focus on safety and continuing performance. Based around  the Fieldtown Style this is easily transferable to your own side style and into other traditions. We will complete the day with a Double Jig from Fieldtown – None So pretty. Tune downloadable in the 2015 Jig Music Book here.


A Google map can be found here https://goo.gl/maps/r1GzCxSbsJz


Contact: Andrew Knight (Knights of King Ina) by texting: 07889857289

or email: andrewknightdo at gmail.com (put the @ instead of the “at”)

2017 Workshops

26th March 2017 – “to be announced “but save the date for our next workshop….


The minimum number required to make this workshop viable is 13 persons. If we do not have enough by 1 week before the event it will be cancelled, please make sure you check your emails in case of this event.