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This page has the links to the photo albums on our Facebook page.

Folk at the Forum – 9th July 2016

Somerton Arts Festival 9th July 2016

Gold Hill Fair, Shaftesbury 3rd July 2016

Keynsham Fair July 2016

Jig Workshop March 2016

John Gasson Memorial Jig Competition August 2015

Somerton Arts Festival 4th July 2015

Wessex Folk Festival 31st May 2015

John Gasson Jig Competition Sidmouth 3rd August 2014

Poole – Folk on the Quay 28th June 2014

Wimborne Folk Festival 2014

Jig Workshop 17th Nov 2013

Swanage Folk Festival 7th Sept 2013

Jig workshop 17th March 2013

Seedy Saturday 9th March 2013

At All Saints Church 27th August 2012

Sidmouth Folk Week 5th August 2012